Cranial Voyages with Bookworm #1 – It’s nice to meet Chu

Hey y’all!

Welcome to Through the Looking Flask, a blog dedicated to random things related to science like quirky quarks or just anything that happens to pop into our minds.

This is An-Te Chu here and I’m going to go by the alias Bookworm here. My blog posts will be labeled as Cranial Voyages with Bookworm #x. This way you can easily avoid or find my material.

I think you should know a little about me, this can be our bonding moment. As you read this, try and build a picture of me in your mind.   My thought process can be likened to ever-tangled power cords that you desperately try to unravel before your brain explodes in a shower of sparks and rainbows, because you are obsessively compulsive. See?

*Note* The contributors to this blog are not liable for your sanity

So….. on towards the actual substance of the blogs. It’ll mostly be a collection of science articles, videos, jokes that have been built up during the three week periods in between blogs. I will be taking my dustpan and sweeping it into one great pile and just dumping on the internet like an unwanted child on a doorstep. Occasionally, I’ll toss in a personal thought or two, not enough to kill you though, because I wouldn’t want to kill off the people who read my blog. Where else could I find social interaction?

So in summary of this first entry. I have linked you to an entertaining video, a cookie for those who will/are/have watch(ed)it.

Good day and good night.



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