Are our brains constantly playing tricks on us?

Hi everyone,

My name is Dorothy, and I’m new to blogging so please be nice!

I’ll mainly be posting anything interesting that I find that’s somehow related to science.

I’ve recently come across an article that I found quite interesting. How reliable is our memory? As a student, I find that I have to use my memory for many subjects. Even in everyday life, I have to remember the name of the  person sitting next to me in class, or where I placed my keys. I cannot even count how many times I called someone by the wrong name. This article only made me realize how unreliable our memory really is.

It makes me curious to how our brain works. When we do get deterred into thinking something that is not true, where do these ideas come from? And how often do we get influenced by others?

If we can be so easily influenced by others, is it possible to be convinced into thinking that we have committed, possibly a crime?

This article leads me to ask many questions that are unanswered. What do you think?


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