Cranial Voyages with Bookworm #2 – Horrible Hurricanes

With all the news about Hurricane Sandy, it’s good to lay down some solid foundation  on how hurricanes work.

Well, a hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones ( The name depends on where they form) are really nothing amazing, just a load of hot air. They form due to warm water and the Coriolis effect. The warm warm water heats up the air. The warm reaches colder air, forming a wind. The Coriolis effect causes the wind to start spinning. Hurricanes get stronger, the longer they stay in the ocean because they just keep on spinning and spinning, collecting more power and water.  However, once a hurricane hits colder water or land, they no longer have any more power to build upon, and hence they weaken. Don’t be fooled though, a hurricane still has alot of damage potential!

Hurricanes and their counter parts have an interesting way of being named. Often, they are named from a list of female names that are reused in a cycle. For example, a hurricane can be named Joan in 1954 and another hurricane be named Joan in 1987. That is not always the case though. In fact, if a hurricane causes enough devastation  it’s name can be retired. So hurricanes like Katrina or Carol have made such an impact on history, their names can no longer be used, out of respect to their victims.

Well, I hope this blew your mind.


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