Cranial Voyages with Bookworm #4 – Solving World Issues Again!

Last time I blogged, it was about nano particles that could solve the energy crisis.

This week, we tackle world hunger!

The Lowdown

An American company, MicroZap, claims to have invented a machine that can extend the shelf life of foods significantly!

Machine microwave

This sophisticated microwave, originally made to kill bacteria such as salmonella, has uses that could benefit the entire food industry!

In tests, bread that had been “zapped” by the machine had as many fungal spores after 60 days as when it was freshly baked.

Say good bye to moldy bread!

The Pros:

Statistics show that Canadian consumers of the 21st century throw out many groceries that they purchased because it has gone bad. On average, Canadians spend $1,034 a year on food that never reaches their mouths.  By reducing food waste, Canadian consumers will have a bit more left in their pocket after a trip to the store.

The Cons:

There was no mention on how much energy it costs to use this device, so this may be an issue. The energy used to treat food may well outweigh the possible benefits.

The Controversial:

Health Effects – This machine could reduce the amount of preservatives used in food which would make our food less toxic. However, the radiation that we are exposing our food to, could cause potentially harmful changes in our food. A proper study on the effects of “MicroZapping” on food will decide this one.

Cost of Food: Will the use of the machine lower food prices because companies will no longer have to research and use preservatives? Or will the energy usage and cost of the machines drive prices upwards? We will have to wait and see.

The Humorous

According to the chief executive of the company, Don Stull, there is one type of food this machine can’t treat.


Thanks for reading!

And have a happy and safe holiday season!


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