UV Light Disinfectant

UV Light Disinfectant

My mom is a nurse who works at the Royal Columbian Hospital in Burnaby. She brought up something interesting that caught my attention: instead of using common cleaning agents such as bleach or antibiotics/drugs, they use a UV light to disinfect both the patient and the operating room.

How does this work?

First, the patients’ noses are swabbed with a special gel that clings to the bacteria. Next, the UV light is applied, successfully killing all bacteria while leaving healthy cells undamaged.

This quick and easy process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and as an added bonus – it’s estimated to save nearly $2 million per year.

The UV light can be used to sterilized the room as well, which cleans on a broader spectrum than typical household cleaners (which require contact with bacteria to kill them.)

This technology also moves away from the traditional usage of antibiotics in preventing infection during surgery, which bacteria can eventually adapt to and become immune to.

To be cheesy, UV light lights the way forward for hospital sanitation!


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