Meteorites in Russia

On February 15th 2013, a large meteor broke through the Earth’s atmosphere near the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, before shattering into small meteorites and crash landing in the Ural mountains.

russia meteor 3

The meteor passed by in the morning, when most people were at or going to work. Many caught the passing of the meteor on camera, filming the “ball of fire” that went through the sky, leaving a great white-yellow trail behind it. Shortly afterwards, there were several explosions caused by the meteor shattering in the atmosphere, producing energy waves that caused much devastation.

russia meteor 1

russia meteor 2

Although the meteor and it’s fragments did not land in any populated areas, they still caused more than 950 injuries due to the explosions of sound and energy. The waves from these big bangs blew out windows, blasted doors off their hinges, caused power outages, and even knocked down walls! Many civilians were injured and around 50 were hospitalized, with cuts and bruises caused mostly by the tiny pieces of broken glass from windows and doors.

The boulder from space made a frightening morning for the people of Russia, and a very close call for it’s cities.

More info on BBC news:
Pictures from BBC news:


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