Social Media: yay or nay?

So, this is me, on a public wordpress blog, expressing myself however I want (:

The notion that people actually read what I write….it’s scary yet impressive and appealing! I’m able to convey my thoughts and ideas to everyone out there, and communicate with others from the comfort of my pjs. But when does social media XTL?

There are many types and forms of social media today, in a time when technology is developing very rapidly. I use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, and many others on a regular basis. Social media is very convenient for me, since planning an event and promoting my music can happen in a few clicks and keyboard strokes away. However, most are distracting and don’t serve a relevant purpose. And some can be threatening and dangerous, if used improperly.

To start off, Facebook is a social networking service created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. This wild idea became the website that 618 million of us check daily! The total number of users has just recently topped 1 billion. With so many people collaborating on one site, it’s definitely an easier and more convenient method to do everything from working on projects to planning a party. However, how is it possible that [Bob] has 7436 friends on his Facebook account? It’s not. Many teens today casually click the “accept friend” button, even when the invite is coming from a complete stranger. We do this to feel more secure about ourselves. But even if you have more “friends” than [Megan] or [Jennifer], what difference does it make if you don’t actually know each other? You’ve just invited someone to see all of your personal information. And many teens have been targeted by older males, requesting to meet under sketchy circumstances. And people have fallen for it! Be sure who you’re giving your private information to.

Another example I’d like to bring up is picture messaging. Snapchat is becoming popular with teens just recently, setting a timer on friends’ pictures so that they automatically get deleted right after the time’s up. But some teens are being braver and bolder with this new mechanism; they’re sending pictures of themselves that they probably wouldn’t like to see around, after the Snapchat timer goes up. And somehow, people have found ways to screenshot these personal pictures and use them for blackmail and other such purposes. Isn’t that a scary thought?

However, not all cases are at the fault of others. Many people find themselves addicted to their laptop, constantly searching and viewing irrelevant information on the internet. This wastes time and would probably cause grades to drop and past interests to be forgotten as well.

Now, we just need to figure out a way to use social media productively in a way that harms less people. I’ll leave you all with this, signing off!


One response to “Social Media: yay or nay?

  1. This is really true. There was actually a project conducted where a group of hackers used a girl’s profile name and ended finding out a lot of info about her, her family and friends and some personal id/account info

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