About Us

Hello all!

This blog is the creation of five young scientists: Matthew Chang, Lena Choi, An-Te Chu, Wendy Guo, and Dorothy Mung. You’re reading our attempts of learning how to express our deepest, darkest, scientific secrets to the world.

We got together through a program called “Future Science Leaders”. Click on the FSL badge on the side of our page to learn more about us.

So. I’ll start us off…

Wendy here! Glad you clicked on the “About Us” section, because aspiring scientists can be very…..interesting…..people. Interesting as in my-nose-is-stuck-in-a-thick-biology-textbook-and-it-looks-like-I’m-having-fun, but also genuinely interesting to meet and talk to.

As you can tell from the biology textbook incident, I want to grow up to become a scientist, favorably, a doctor. Someone who will give back to the world. I also have a knack for languages, and I enjoy playing the oboe and teaching piano. I’m pretty active too, doing dance, gymnastics, lifeguarding, volleyball, figure skating, and a bunch of other sports.

Check out my personal blog: http://qwenguo.wordpress.com/. It has a unique perspective on life and you may also discover that teenagers have a distorted view on everything, which can be good!

And it would be helpful if scientists in the community (possibly you) offered some constructive criticism on our blog. I’d really appreciate it!

– I’m An-Te

Hi everyone, I’m Lena and this is my first blogging experience, so I’m super thrilled! I will be posting all sorts of blurbs about the science-y world once every three weeks; please read and comment! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Apart from being a science student, I’m also passionate about music. I play piano and trumpet, and am part of the school concert and jazz bands, and the concert choir. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, drawing, playing video games, biking, kayaking, and stargazing. Currently, my goal is to be a chemical or biological engineer, (and maybe a music teacher on weekends), but for now, I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with Future Science Leaders! Please check out my other blog here.


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